Two House Robbers Arrested

Two House Robbers Arrested

One of the security solutions provided by ROM is Off-Site Monitoring. Our team monitors every movement on each camera of your CCTV system.

It is the most comprehensive electronic monitoring system available and will protect your site 24/7. From our monitoring station we are able to detect any security breaches in real time and act accordingly.

A major advantage of this type of electronic monitoring is that it allows your response team to instantly assess and verify the breach level and, of equal importance, cut out all false alarms.

ROM installs state of the art digital CCTV systems. This includes the IP range of digital signal processing solid-state CCTV cameras, with a high resolution colour and monochrome ability.

Our expertise include the most up to date digital and video transmission systems, IP systems, thermal imaging and video analytics available.

ROM’s CCTV installation field of expertise include UTP, copper, fibre optic as well as wireless applications.

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Good Morning.
I am pleased to inform you that we managed to successfully arrest two house robbers in the early hours of this morning.
We picked up the two house robbers on our thermal cameras and they triggered the electric fence when they jumped over into the Estate.
Fidelity, ADT and Duma Security started searching for the two suspects. We also got assistance from Ricardo from No Jack who was largely responsible for finding the suspects with his K9 unit using our Thermal cameras to guide him and the rest of the security teams.
All stolen goods were recovered and the two house robbers arrested.
A big thank you and congratulations to our security team, to Remote Offsite Monitoring (“ROM”), to Fidelity Management, to ADT, to Duma tactical and to Ricardo from No Jack. It was a brilliant team effort.
Congratulations and well done!

Snake Road Now Open

Snake Road Now Open

From Hole to Whole

A long anticipated wait to use Snake Road after a sink hole formed in November 2019.

As most Benonians know Snake Road was closed after a sinkhole took over half the road in November 2019.

“Geotechnical assessment revealed the area is not dolomitic but broken concrete stormwater pipe leakage was the cause of the sinkhole.”

“The opening of the road will allow SAPS to patrol the area easily and with more police visibility we hope that fewer crimes will be committed in the vicinity.”

Due to Snake Road now being closed and under maintenance many travellers had to add a few extra minutes to their commute as they were forced to go through Benoni CBD instead leading to more traffic and increased travel time.

After many months of detours and road rage Snake road is finally open to the public, as an official launch of the Gauteng’s October Transport Month campaign.


Manipulating CCTV footage

Manipulating CCTV footage

Digital age manipulation.

A question we seem to get quite often is ” Can video footage be manipulated?”

Many people think that they can change/manipulate the footage from their surveillance system and no one will notice.

With the new and improved technology and software at our disposal, changing footage can’t be that difficult. Tampered footage can alter the outcomes of court cases or allegations.

The question is can you manipulate the footage from a CCTV system?  The answer is YES.

With today’s digital age all things can be changed, HOWEVER, all of the systems that we install have a watermark. As soon as the video footage is tampered with, the watermark is broken, so when we replay the footage it will show a line right through it, showing that it has been tampered with.

This is what is then shown in a court of law. We are expected to show a watermark that is intact to prove there was no manipulation or tampering with the evidence or footage.

If somehow someone did manage to tamper with the footage there is no need to worry as we keep backups of all CCTV surveillance records where it can not be altered or manipulated. A copy of this is made available upon court request.

Hijacker Shoots Brave Dog in Armed Robbery.

Hijacker Shoots Brave Dog in Armed Robbery.

A screen shot of the security footage the moment when the hijacker shot Nicky, the brave Dobermann protecting her owner Lood. 10 year old Nicolene can also be seen closing the gate moments before the secong shot went off. The hijackers’ white Golf 7 can be seen blocking them in their driveway with no way to escape.

Three hijackers got a second payday late Tuesday afternoon when they attempted to hijack a 58-year-old resident of Minnebron, after he returned home from withdrawing his monthly salary.

If it weren’t for the natural instinct of their brave dog that attacked the hijacker, things could have ended badly.

The distressing moments were recorded on the family’s security cameras. Lood’s (58) daughter Christel Botha (33) told the Herald on Wednesday morning that her father stopped at his house in Bester Street just before 16:00.

“My sister’s daughter Nicolene (10) went out to open the gate for him,” Christel said.

Nicolene’s parents Tracey (28) and Nick (34) were in the house.

Meanwhile, a white Golf 7 stopped behind Lood’s Kia and two armed men jumped out, demanding that he open the door and get out.

Lood was forced out of his vehicle and on the footage it is clearly seen how he was pushed around by the hijacker and searched.

“Nicolene did not  realise what was going on until she heard a commotion. When she realised what was happening, she tried to close the gate and ran into the house for help.

WATCH: Monitoring your private home with CCTV cameras.

“We taught her to act like that in a case like this,” Christel said. “She did not push the gate completely and one of our Dobermanns stormed out and attacked one of the robbers.

“This man shot at the dog, Nicky, and she was unfortunately injured. Meanwhile, Tracy and Nick ran outside and a second shot  was fired through the gate, just missing Tracy” Christel said.

“My sister says she could actually feel the bullet moving past her leg.” After the dog was shot, the hijacker fell to the ground and then proceeded to pick up the money, which fell out of Lood’s bag, as well as his cellphone and drove away. His vehicle was not taken.

“I was still at work but when I was informed about the incident, I immediately rushed to the house (I also live there).

“It was chaos but we have great admiration for members of the Brakpan Radio group as well as of AfriForum Brakpan who immediately rushed to our aid,” Christel said.

Members of the Radio Group took the injured Nicky to a vet where she was treated. Luckily it was just a flesh wound and she was able to return home after treatment.

“Members of the Brakpan Radio Group teamed up to settle the bill and for that we are very grateful,” said Christel. “I shudder to think what could have happened if Nicky had not attacked that man. She was really very brave. ”

The SAPS is investigating the incident.

Source: Brakpan Herald.