Where it all began

Where it all began

Raw Fire & Security was established in 1996.

It first operated from a small storeroom on the East Rand, with a total staff compliment of two.  Since then we have steadily grown into a small to medium size, self-sufficient operations with a very dynamic, pro-active management team.

We established ourselves in the electronic security industry as innovative solution providers who have extensive product, systems, and integration knowledge.

In 2004 Raw Fire & Security established its sister Company, Remote Off-Site Monitoring.  Our dedicated staff and management pushed on until ROM was recognised as Technically the most advanced Monitoring facility in Africa. 

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide the most Technically correct professionally installed security systems, which will assist with loss control and crime prevention to clients who are serious about their security risks.

We are also committed to improving the quality of life of our most precious resource, our people, through adopting and adhering to policies of impartial employment, equal opportunities, and continued development.

Our Vision

Raw Fire & Security and Remote Off-Site Monitoring have the vision to be a dynamic World Class supplier of security-related services for the benefit of all its stakeholders. 

What to do after an incident.

What to do after an incident.


What happens after an incident has occurred?

 Once an alarm has been triggered our control room alert the authorities immediately and sends armed response out to your site.  ROM then goes out and does a full evaluation as well as a quick report as to see how we can enhance your system and do a full audit on what went wrong and how it can be rectified. 

Video footage is taken from your hard drive storage and blank hard drives are put in its place as not to lose any recordings to ensure our 24-hour surveillance. If it is a matter of theft, loss or damage to property we will go to court on your behalf and testify to what we saw on the surveillance cameras as well as show reports of monitoring of your site. We will only release the footage under your instruction. We will verify the footage as well as if there were any signs of tampering. 

 We at ROM ensure that all evidence that goes to court is legitimate and if any footage has been tampered with it will immediately be pick up as the embedded watermark would be broken and there would be a line through the video indicating illegal activity has taken place. All videos are stamped with a time and date and run 24 hours a day. 

To ensure criminals are caught and your stock is returned let ROM look after you and your business. 


ALERT: New Hijacking method cause for concern.

ALERT: New Hijacking method cause for concern.

“When driving, accept that someone stopping suddenly in this manner may be a threat..”

This new technique involves a carjacker pulling in front of a victim as they enter onto a highway ‘on-ramp’.

The perpetrators stop on the on-ramp and one of the criminals jumps out of their own vehicle and quickly surprise their victim. They then have an open road for a quick getaway.

Eugene Herbert is the managing director of the vehicle safety company, MasterDrive and he has advised all highway-using motorists to ‘keep their distance’ when entering via an on-ramp.

“The driver was blocked in by the hijacker’s car that preceded her and soon by traffic behind her.



“The driver was blocked in by the hijacker’s car that preceded her and soon by traffic behind her.”

Ensure that you keep at least three metres between yourself and the car in front of you when stationary to prevent yourself from being in this position

Being alert on the road is the best way to avoid these potentially dangerous situations. “Quickly moving around a car that suddenly and expectedly stops, can make all the difference.

Reacting this way, however, is something you need to train yourself to do. When driving, accept that someone stopping suddenly in this manner may be a threat and that your best response is to immediately move around the obstacle.”


MasterDrive is adamant that no victim should feel the need to fight back, and in their words; ‘a car can be replaced, but a human life cannot’.

Two House Robbers Arrested

Two House Robbers Arrested

One of the security solutions provided by ROM is Off-Site Monitoring. Our team monitors every movement on each camera of your CCTV system.

It is the most comprehensive electronic monitoring system available and will protect your site 24/7. From our monitoring station we are able to detect any security breaches in real time and act accordingly.

A major advantage of this type of electronic monitoring is that it allows your response team to instantly assess and verify the breach level and, of equal importance, cut out all false alarms.

ROM installs state of the art digital CCTV systems. This includes the IP range of digital signal processing solid-state CCTV cameras, with a high resolution colour and monochrome ability.

Our expertise include the most up to date digital and video transmission systems, IP systems, thermal imaging and video analytics available.

ROM’s CCTV installation field of expertise include UTP, copper, fibre optic as well as wireless applications.

CCTV install
Local Armed Response
Local Armed Response Read More
Good Morning.
I am pleased to inform you that we managed to successfully arrest two house robbers in the early hours of this morning.
We picked up the two house robbers on our thermal cameras and they triggered the electric fence when they jumped over into the Estate.
Fidelity, ADT and Duma Security started searching for the two suspects. We also got assistance from Ricardo from No Jack who was largely responsible for finding the suspects with his K9 unit using our Thermal cameras to guide him and the rest of the security teams.
All stolen goods were recovered and the two house robbers arrested.
A big thank you and congratulations to our security team, to Remote Offsite Monitoring (“ROM”), to Fidelity Management, to ADT, to Duma tactical and to Ricardo from No Jack. It was a brilliant team effort.
Congratulations and well done!