Upgrading CCTV Monitoring.

Upgrading CCTV Monitoring.


Using existing CCTV camera

Many individuals already have CCTV cameras or security systems in place. The most commonly asked question is ” Do I have to buy completely new cameras?” The answer is simple. No, we can interface and integrate any existing cameras and alarm systems with our own. It does not have to be the newest and greatest. Our contractors will use what you have, so there is no worry about totally replacing all systems and wasting money. They will analyse any blindspots or miss looked point of entry and will upgrade the system accordingly.

Using contractors

We have our own dedicated team of contractors to install your CCTV and alarm systems. By installing all systems ourselves we can insure with the utmost confidence that all cameras are installed properly.Systems are not only up to our high-quality standards but also adhere to the SEMS standards. Our monitors maintain all our systems from Masina to Cape Town.

Armed response

We are not an armed response company. ROM is an installation and monitoring company. With clients all over the country we cannot patrol each one, instead, we link up with your existing armed response team or we find a reputable response company that patrol in your area. The advantage of this would be that when  we are monitoring your premises we can detect and pinpoint exactly where the threat is instead of the armed response searching for it. 



Security guard caught soliciting bribes.

Security guard caught soliciting bribes.

Caught Red Handed

A successful business is not built overnight. It takes many hours of hard work, sacrifice, and determination to make a name for yourself. Why then would you leave all this in the hands of one person?

Though not all guards are corrupt, they are still human and prone to error. Guards normally work long hours in a very tedious workplace. Eventually, they need to find something to make more money or at least make their jobs more interesting.

We are heading into an age of technology and automation. With each era we are faced with different types of crimes thus security is always changing. So why not change with the times?

Off-Site Monitoring is the future

We do not want to replace your security, but rather enhance their facility to automate the process and ensure the work is being done properly. We can automate many systems such as remote gate access, stock control, barcode scanning, box-counting, and weight control. Remote-Off Site Monitoring is fully automated, thus leaving no room for human error, bribery, or holdups.



Beam blocking

Beam blocking

South Africa Criminals find it very easy to steal the security beams that are meant to keep them out.

Security measures are normally put in place as a deterrent from break-ins and theft. So what do you do when the very security devices meant to keep unwanted visitors out, are now seen as a small inconvenience and can be disabled with ease. Security beams have been targeted as they are easily seen from the street. Criminals can physically see where the blind spots are as well as the height of the beams. More and more criminals find leopard crawling on your stomach is a foolproof way of getting into a property undetected.

What other options are there besides beams?

Understanding the difference between beams and trip wires.


Beams are sensors that are mounted to the walls and show a red light when they are activated. If you are in an area with beams you will see the light turn on and know that you have been picked up by the alarm. This form of security is not obsolete, however, tripwires are a better deterrent. Beams are visible and can be stolen, bypassed or tampered with allowing perpetrators to enter your property or bypass the alarm remaining undetected. Beams will pick up the motion of anything that passes by the sensor and can result in false alarms if your pets or any other animal passes through that area.


Tripwires are lines of access that are marked out on the CCTV camera from the control room. These lines, unlike beams,  are not seen outside of the control room giving your property the best form of protection against perpetrators. Tripwires are “drawn” onto the cameras and can be changed at any time. Line Crossing detects a moving object which crosses the defined line. Entry/exit direction can be defined and the line can be drawn in any direction and work day and night. Tripwires are integrated into the camera thus allowing the operator to determine if the threat is positive – being an intruder, or negative – being a pet or any other animal.

Is Covid a hoax?

Is Covid a hoax?

I Survived COVID and I’m still positive. 

 I thought it would be good to share my experience with the Coronavirus, people are talking about it saying its a hoax and its a tie-down for government to control us. Yes maybe the government is overreacting and the economy is taking strain because of it but it’s not easy. As a business owner to be locked up here while the business is suffering and 130 families that work for me are in a real predicament at this stage.

I tested positive for Covid-19 

I contracted the coronavirus and I am an asthma sufferer. My symptoms were not flu-like. I had body pain and back pain so server that I could hardly handle it and felt like I could no longer live. I went to the doctor and got a Voltaren injection and it seemed to help. The next day I was back at work and working. After that, however, I started to throw up. I threw up for four days straight. I felt that it was the end and I wasn’t going to make it any further. Only after the fourth consecutive day of throwing up did I generate any type of fever. I was in and out of 5 different hospitals. They didn’t have beds for me and there was no room for me to stay. Every time someone took my temperature it was 36, early 37. One night where I did break out into a fever and a sweat but the symptoms were definitely not that of a flu. I had only server body pain and was constantly puking.

After the fifth hospital and further loss of fluid, they admitted me and put me on a drip at Linmed. Each time I went to the hospital they put me on a drip, It did help and I felt better, but a couple of hours later I was back to the start of not being able to eat and having server puking.

There is no cure

When they admitted me to Linmed I had already  been tested at the previous hospital I was at and they said, yes I was positive with COVID. I feel the staff was really good and helpful. They put me on another drip and told me there is no medication for this virus, its a man-made virus and thus there is no cure. They then thinned my blood with injections into the stomach so that the virus could not clot. The drips we merely for pain and fever as well as hydration. I asked to be put on antibiotics but the doctor told me because it’s man-made there is no type of antibiotic that will work. They had wards full of COVID people. The hospitals were absolutely full to capacity. They were turning many wards into red zones. I was put in the orthopaedic ward and it was full. It is an epidemic and IT IS REAL.

A man died in front of me. 

The one guy was being admitted and while they were questioning him about if he had flu-like symptoms or if he had travelled , he looked up at them and said: I am busy dying”. They carried on asking him those questions, he then said a second time “I am busy dying” and he died in front of us then and there.

Now it could have been a heart attack where the stress of the lungs were not being able to get air. You cant breathe with the virus. They put you on oxygen as its better than a ventilator, you constantly out of breath, you can’t answer the phone or go to the loo and you are out of breath. There were people gasping for air sitting on the toilet lifting their arms to try and breathe as it attacks the lungs. I had 20% lung capacity and having asthma the symptoms were a little worse for me but I was released and sent home.

I praise the Lord that my wife and kids were not affected. I have been in isolation for the past 5 days and it is really difficult to sit at home and not be able to go to work as you really feel it  when you sit in a tiny 4 by 4 room and people bring you things to survive and you can’t do anything for yourself as you are so scared to touch anything as you don’t want anyone in your family to get it as well. I have grandchildren and I would not live with myself if they go through what I went through because of me spreading it.

We can all be ignorant of this and continue to go out, go to work or the malls but from first hand experience I tell you it is real and there is no cure, except on your knee. There is no medication or antibiotic. we only have the Lord our Saviour who carried me through to live another day. 




What is VOIP?

What is VOIP?

What is VOIP and how does it work?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is generally used to deter perpetrators for entering a secured area. 

Remote Off-Site Monitoring believe prevention is better than cure. When a perpetrator comes close to the building an alarm is triggered and an operator in the control room will come over the VOIP system and let them know they are being watched and this serves as a verbal warning. This normally deters the threat and they runoff. If they continue to advance to the building armed response is dispatched and the owner is notified that there is an unauthorised body on the premises.

 ” He hasn’t even entered the site and  we have already  detected him”

This also works if there are levels of security access and someone who does not have clearance enters a zone in which they should not be. A controller will then remind them that they are not allowed in that area and they should return to their section of clearance.

VOIP is not only used for access control and perpetrator deterrence. It can also be used as an added safety check. A construction site for example. If a worker is not wearing a hard hat or safety protocol is not being followed they will be reminded from our control rooms.