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Off-Site Monitoring prevents guards from being paid off, or any security measurements being tampered with.

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Remote video monitoring provides better coverage without putting anyone in danger as surveillance is done remotely. Remote Off-Site Monitoring offers a remote CCTV monitoring service and solution which monitors your business or residence from an off-site surveillance control room. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence surveillance technologies are incorporated to actively monitor and survey your facility in real-time.

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The process in securing your business

 24-hour supervision from a Control Centre Supervisor, a Shift Manager, as well as a Control Centre Manager. All telephone and radio calls are recorded and monitored daily. Remote Off-Site Monitoring of CCTV cameras removes the human factor and inevitable risk from your security strategy.

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What Is In The News

Snake Road Now Open

Snake Road Now Open

From Hole to Whole A long anticipated wait to use Snake Road after a sink hole formed in November 2019. As most Benonians know Snake Road was closed after a sinkhole took over half the road in November 2019. "Geotechnical assessment revealed the area is not dolomitic...

Manipulating CCTV footage

Manipulating CCTV footage

Digital age manipulation. A question we seem to get quite often is " Can video footage be manipulated?".  Many people think that they can change/manipulate the footage from their surveillance system and no one will notice. With the new and improved technology and...

Hijacker Shoots Brave Dog in Armed Robbery.

Hijacker Shoots Brave Dog in Armed Robbery.

A screen shot of the security footage the moment when the hijacker shot Nicky, the brave Dobermann protecting her owner Lood. 10 year old Nicolene can also be seen closing the gate moments before the secong shot went off. The hijackers' white Golf 7 can be seen...

Monitored | Episode 1| South Africa

Join Renier Weideman, Frank Opperman, and Roderick Jaftha in the new action series Monitoring. How security guards might be the very threat you wish you never had.

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