CCTV offers all their clients alarm/trigger based off site monitoring.
The cctv system at the clients premises is setup to transmit live video to the CCTV off site control room when and event occurs, an event can be  anything from motion on the cameras, beams  triggered on the perimeter, thermal or infra-red passives that are triggered or analytics on the cameras itself, once this event occurs, the live video is sent to the CCTV OFF SITE MONITORING CONTROL ROOM where operators verify if it is an intrusion or not , if  it is a positive intrusion or event that needs to be acted upon, the operator will start implementing the clients procedure for his site , procedures can be anything from contacting armed response, contact SAPS, contact site manager to switching the clients premises lights on, the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of off-site monitoring are as follows-

No staff intimidation
No staff collusion
Saving on running capital on guards, guards will not be required to patrol the perimeter if it’s being monitored.
Cloud recording of events (all events are securely off site in case the recorders are damaged or stolen)
Early warning system , reduce cost of losses as the CCTV control room reacts to the event before the perpetrators have enough  time to do damage to the clients property.
Online support, all monitoring clients can be assisted live via the control room .
Daily checks on cameras and hardware
Reduction of insurance cost of premises (dependant on insurance company)
Emergency activation in event of armed robberies
Two way communication (optional hardware required) the CCTV control room can communicate two way with a suspect before he enters or  breaks into the clients perimeter nullifying costly repairs to clients premises and property


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