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Remote Off-Site Monitoring is now also available for individuals to ensure at-home security at an affordable rate. Keeping your family safe from a challenging criminal world, giving you the peace of mind to know that your whole family are being cared after.




ROM detects, deters and prevents incidents from occurring before any family member realizes a threat that can set to panic.

Prevention of incidents are obtained from the quality of our control room and personnel to respond in real time situations.

If a standard home alarm system was triggered, it would mean that the perpetrator has already infiltrated your home and leaves you in a vulnerable state.

With ROM’s perimeter control, an attack on your house is detected before any person crosses your borderline.


Family Time

Through our voice-over IP system it is now easier to communicate bi-directionaly to sites and defuse situations before escalating into frightening experiences. Home attack prevention does not only

mean response to situations while you are at home, but also looking after your property when you are away. Armed reaction is a traditional way of home

based security but through constant alarm system failures the response company may refuse to visit your home.

  • Vigilant 24 hours a day
  • Centralised management of multiple remote sites
  • Appropriate, proactive and fast intervention by specially-trained staff
  • Situations defused before they escalate to loss, damage or violence
  • Evidential quality video and audio recording
  • Protection of staff, customers, stock and assets
  • Cost-effective and efficient solutions to prevent business disruption
  • Collution factor totally illuminated


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