ROM – Remote Off-Site Monitoring

Our System

The alarm system we use when monitoring our client’s site is a highly scalable application.

This allows local and remote control of any CCTV systems from entry-level systems to a large installation with multiple cameras.

We are able to convert existing analogue based CCTV systems to digital remote monitoring systems without changing your current equipment.

All these, at a cost-effective rate.

Cameras, alarm sensors, and detectors that are located at the client’s site connect to CCTV transmission equipment.

Our command center provides audible and visual notification of alarms.



When an alarm sensor is set off, digital images of what has triggered the alarm is transmitted to our Command Centre.

Our operators then respond to the alarm as per the agreed alarm procedures i.e. audio channel to warn off intruders through the bidirectional audio link, contact relevant emergency service, patrol the site, and more.

If emergency services are contacted, our operators remain in contact with the emergency service to describe the situation in real-time.



Routine site patrols are conducted by our command center.



Interactive monitoring takes the role of video verification a step further. 

It provides an interface platform between the client and its employees and our command center operators. 

At just a “press” of an attention button, the client and its employees are instantly connected, through an audio and video link, to our command center.



Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on the principles of customer service, leading to growth and customer satisfaction.

We do this by becoming fully involved in our clients’ projects, from site surveys to systems design and commissioning, training, and comprehensive maintenance.

This dedication from our side ensures a satisfied client who has peace of mind.


Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide an uncompromising first world Remote Monitoring service, which will assist with loss-control and crime prevention to clients who are serious about their security risks.




Remote Off-Site Monitoring has the vision to be a dynamic world-class supplier of security-related services for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

About ROM

About ROM

1997- Raw fire security was established


Operation Started

1999 1st February Raw fire & security Started operation Out of the house 33 rust de Winter. street Lakefield Benoni The company consisted of the owners Roy& Elsabe, 2 technicians and two assistants and two clients.

First business property

First business property

2000 – They bought their first business property 52 Windermere drive farrarmere benoni 



2002 – Installation alone was no longer good enough so they then started incorporating maintenance contracts to keep the CCTV systems up to date and in working condition 



2005- VOIP was incorporated to communicate with people on-site and to make everyone aware that the site is monitored 

Car track

Car track

2007- Car track and personal tracking was integrated into our monitoring


Gate Control

2009- Gate Control was designed and implemented for better security to clients This is where the site is opened and closed, locked and unlocked remotely

Smoke clock/pepper gas implemented

Smoke clock/pepper gas implemented

2010- Smoke clock/pepper gas implemented for a higher level security for client, this is where there Rom found there is a delay in from once a threat is identified to the armed response arrives on-site so our technical team installed a smoke machine so that once an intruder enters a high-value area our controllers sets of the smoke machine thus impairing the intruders vision and ultimately protecting goods 


Point of sales

2011- Point of sales was integrated as ROM discovered that a lot of theft was taking place at point-of-sale so this is where we overlay till information onto security system and control information 

Fire system monitoring

Fire system monitoring

2012- Fire system monitoring, ROM then discovered that Fire is a great risk for our clients and just simply installing the detection system was no longer good enough we then stared Fire monitoring where we install detection systems and monitor them our fire detection and monitoring system analyze information and can predict a fire within 6 months according to climate and temperature and changes 2013- A second business property bought next door 


Weighbridge monitoring

2014- Weighbridge monitoring, ROM then noted that clients greatest risk and loss occurred at weighbridge they then designed a system to remotely interface to weighbridge scale information onto cctv system ROM then audits scale operators and once they ROM is satisfied they will allow access for driver to exit 

Automated number plate recognition

Automated number plate recognition

2016- ANPR Automated number plate recognition then implemented and controlled by ROM, this is where cameras automatically read and captures License plate information using this information the control room can then grant or deny access this is also linked to the NATUS that gives ROM access to information such as stolen or wanted vehicles


Video Analytics

2017- Video Analytics have improved and this makes monitoring more effective as the cameras are now also replacing motion sensors as the camera has a tripwire/ sensor sending an alarm to the control room no longer do we need to link the alarm to a camera 


AI monitoring

2018- AI monitoring is busy changing the game as we can now allow or deny access according to facial recognition we can also do a facial search on an intruder or certain person or search according to certain characteristics

monitoring over 2500 cameras

monitoring over 2500 cameras

2019- Trend Analysis we can now monitor large groups as a heat map is formed and once a person enters an area that is not of the normal alarm is sent to our control room  2019- ROM is the first installers of people counting AI cameras in South Africa  ROM has grown to around 150 employees consisting of 13 technical teams and around 55 controllers currently monitoring over 2500 cameras we take pride in bringing our clients the best and latest in security solutions  ROM has a rich history in installing and developing solutions this sets ROM out as the..Read More


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