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The best security solution for our clients

Remote Off-Site Monitoring (ROM) is a cutting-edge security company that specializes in remote video monitoring services. Our unique solution provides comprehensive coverage without putting anyone in danger, as all surveillance is done remotely.

With ROM, you can trust that your business or residence will be closely monitored and protected by our team of experts from an off-site surveillance control room. We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence surveillance technologies to actively monitor and survey your facility in real-time, ensuring that potential threats are identified and dealt with quickly.

Incorporating remote video monitoring into your security strategy has never been easier with Remote Off-Site Monitoring. We strive to offer the best security solution for our clients and ensure their protection at all times.

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More than 4000 cameras under our watch

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The Importance of Remote Off-Site Monitoring

The Importance of Remote Off-Site Monitoring

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, security has become a paramount concern for businesses of all sizes. While traditional security measures such as on-site guards and physical security systems play a crucial role, they often fall short in providing...

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Monitored | Episode 1| South Africa

Join Renier Weideman, Frank Opperman, and Roderick Jaftha in the new action series Monitoring. How security guards might be the very threat you wish you never had.

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ROM believes in proactive monitoring so we can utilise Audio speakers on-site located by the cameras that our control room can speak through to warn trespassers that this site is being monitored and that the police are on the way.

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