What happens after an incident has occurred?

 Once an alarm has been triggered our control room alert the authorities immediately and sends armed response out to your site.  ROM then goes out and does a full evaluation as well as a quick report as to see how we can enhance your system and do a full audit on what went wrong and how it can be rectified. 

Video footage is taken from your hard drive storage and blank hard drives are put in its place as not to lose any recordings to ensure our 24-hour surveillance. If it is a matter of theft, loss or damage to property we will go to court on your behalf and testify to what we saw on the surveillance cameras as well as show reports of monitoring of your site. We will only release the footage under your instruction. We will verify the footage as well as if there were any signs of tampering. 

 We at ROM ensure that all evidence that goes to court is legitimate and if any footage has been tampered with it will immediately be pick up as the embedded watermark would be broken and there would be a line through the video indicating illegal activity has taken place. All videos are stamped with a time and date and run 24 hours a day. 

To ensure criminals are caught and your stock is returned let ROM look after you and your business. 


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