A screen shot of the security footage the moment when the hijacker shot Nicky, the brave Dobermann protecting her owner Lood. 10 year old Nicolene can also be seen closing the gate moments before the secong shot went off. The hijackers’ white Golf 7 can be seen blocking them in their driveway with no way to escape.

Three hijackers got a second payday late Tuesday afternoon when they attempted to hijack a 58-year-old resident of Minnebron, after he returned home from withdrawing his monthly salary.

If it weren’t for the natural instinct of their brave dog that attacked the hijacker, things could have ended badly.

The distressing moments were recorded on the family’s security cameras. Lood’s (58) daughter Christel Botha (33) told the Herald on Wednesday morning that her father stopped at his house in Bester Street just before 16:00.

“My sister’s daughter Nicolene (10) went out to open the gate for him,” Christel said.

Nicolene’s parents Tracey (28) and Nick (34) were in the house.

Meanwhile, a white Golf 7 stopped behind Lood’s Kia and two armed men jumped out, demanding that he open the door and get out.

Lood was forced out of his vehicle and on the footage it is clearly seen how he was pushed around by the hijacker and searched.

“Nicolene did not  realise what was going on until she heard a commotion. When she realised what was happening, she tried to close the gate and ran into the house for help.

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“We taught her to act like that in a case like this,” Christel said. “She did not push the gate completely and one of our Dobermanns stormed out and attacked one of the robbers.

“This man shot at the dog, Nicky, and she was unfortunately injured. Meanwhile, Tracy and Nick ran outside and a second shot  was fired through the gate, just missing Tracy” Christel said.

“My sister says she could actually feel the bullet moving past her leg.” After the dog was shot, the hijacker fell to the ground and then proceeded to pick up the money, which fell out of Lood’s bag, as well as his cellphone and drove away. His vehicle was not taken.

“I was still at work but when I was informed about the incident, I immediately rushed to the house (I also live there).

“It was chaos but we have great admiration for members of the Brakpan Radio group as well as of AfriForum Brakpan who immediately rushed to our aid,” Christel said.

Members of the Radio Group took the injured Nicky to a vet where she was treated. Luckily it was just a flesh wound and she was able to return home after treatment.

“Members of the Brakpan Radio Group teamed up to settle the bill and for that we are very grateful,” said Christel. “I shudder to think what could have happened if Nicky had not attacked that man. She was really very brave. ”

The SAPS is investigating the incident.

Source: Brakpan Herald.
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