As the most feared crime in South Africa, let ROM put your mind at ease.

Crime is unfortunately everywhere, with the housebreaking rate going up  7% and the home robbery going up 3%, protecting your family is a must.With ROM, off-site monitoring is made easy and simple to maintain as many home owners who install security do not know how it works.  


Of victims fear the police.

With an average of 61 homes being robbed each day only 59% of the victims report the crime to the police.With ROM we alert authorities immediately while monitoring the situation.  ROM offers 24-hour surveillance with hourly updates even if you are at home as only 27% of homeowners arm their homes when they are asleep leaving themselves vulnerable during the day.

Crime is everywhere and moving doesn’t have to be your only resort.

ROM covers a wide range of locations being both a local and international Remote Access Monitoring site, so no matter where you are “ROM is always watching”.


A house burglary occurs when a person “unlawfully and intentionally breaks into a building” with the intention to take something from the premises. This is a property crime

Find out how ROM can assess your home to ensure the best security is provided for your household.

Don’t be another statistic to crime. Let ROM keep you safe and put your mind at ease.

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