Digital age manipulation.

A question we seem to get quite often is ” Can video footage be manipulated?”

Many people think that they can change/manipulate the footage from their surveillance system and no one will notice.

With the new and improved technology and software at our disposal, changing footage can’t be that difficult. Tampered footage can alter the outcomes of court cases or allegations.

The question is can you manipulate the footage from a CCTV system?  The answer is YES.

With today’s digital age all things can be changed, HOWEVER, all of the systems that we install have a watermark. As soon as the video footage is tampered with, the watermark is broken, so when we replay the footage it will show a line right through it, showing that it has been tampered with.

This is what is then shown in a court of law. We are expected to show a watermark that is intact to prove there was no manipulation or tampering with the evidence or footage.

If somehow someone did manage to tamper with the footage there is no need to worry as we keep backups of all CCTV surveillance records where it can not be altered or manipulated. A copy of this is made available upon court request.

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