Getting CCTV for your home.


The conventional way of thinking when it comes to other security suppliers is if you install an alarm system in your house, or maybe an electric fence on the outside, and you have an armed response company ,you feel that’s all you need to do to protect your family.

Our question is “is it enough?” 

If you look at the current crime rate, the criminals seem to get past those systems. They can easily breach an electric fence.They get through the alarm system and attack people in their own home.


There must be a more advanced way of addressing this issue. 

Site evaluation:


  • Evaluate the site.
  • Evaluate the threats
  • The angel of threat, where would it come from, where would the perpetrator gain access from.


  • We install analytical cameras.
  • Analytical camera have the ability to create a trip wire effect around the entire vicinity.


  • Before anyone is able to get near the vicinity an alarm will be triggered. We will receive and early warning.
  • we evaluate the threat. Is it someone walking past or is someone trying to break in.
  • Alert occupants of house that we have detected someone outside, Use VOIP to notify perpetrators we are watching them, as well as dispatch armed response.

Our Philosophy

“If a perpetrator is already inside the property, it is too late.”

Roy Wyman

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