Caught Red Handed

A successful business is not built overnight. It takes many hours of hard work, sacrifice, and determination to make a name for yourself. Why then would you leave all this in the hands of one person?

Though not all guards are corrupt, they are still human and prone to error. Guards normally work long hours in a very tedious workplace. Eventually, they need to find something to make more money or at least make their jobs more interesting.

We are heading into an age of technology and automation. With each era we are faced with different types of crimes thus security is always changing. So why not change with the times?

Off-Site Monitoring is the future

We do not want to replace your security, but rather enhance their facility to automate the process and ensure the work is being done properly. We can automate many systems such as remote gate access, stock control, barcode scanning, box-counting, and weight control. Remote-Off Site Monitoring is fully automated, thus leaving no room for human error, bribery, or holdups.



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