From Hole to Whole

A long anticipated wait to use Snake Road after a sink hole formed in November 2019.

As most Benonians know Snake Road was closed after a sinkhole took over half the road in November 2019.

“Geotechnical assessment revealed the area is not dolomitic but broken concrete stormwater pipe leakage was the cause of the sinkhole.”

“The opening of the road will allow SAPS to patrol the area easily and with more police visibility we hope that fewer crimes will be committed in the vicinity.”

Due to Snake Road now being closed and under maintenance many travellers had to add a few extra minutes to their commute as they were forced to go through Benoni CBD instead leading to more traffic and increased travel time.

After many months of detours and road rage Snake road is finally open to the public, as an official launch of the Gauteng’s October Transport Month campaign.


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