One of the security solutions provided by ROM is Off-Site Monitoring. Our team monitors every movement on each camera of your CCTV system.

It is the most comprehensive electronic monitoring system available and will protect your site 24/7. From our monitoring station we are able to detect any security breaches in real time and act accordingly.

A major advantage of this type of electronic monitoring is that it allows your response team to instantly assess and verify the breach level and, of equal importance, cut out all false alarms.

ROM installs state of the art digital CCTV systems. This includes the IP range of digital signal processing solid-state CCTV cameras, with a high resolution colour and monochrome ability.

Our expertise include the most up to date digital and video transmission systems, IP systems, thermal imaging and video analytics available.

ROM’s CCTV installation field of expertise include UTP, copper, fibre optic as well as wireless applications.

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Local Armed Response
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Good Morning.
I am pleased to inform you that we managed to successfully arrest two house robbers in the early hours of this morning.
We picked up the two house robbers on our thermal cameras and they triggered the electric fence when they jumped over into the Estate.
Fidelity, ADT and Duma Security started searching for the two suspects. We also got assistance from Ricardo from No Jack who was largely responsible for finding the suspects with his K9 unit using our Thermal cameras to guide him and the rest of the security teams.
All stolen goods were recovered and the two house robbers arrested.
A big thank you and congratulations to our security team, to Remote Offsite Monitoring (“ROM”), to Fidelity Management, to ADT, to Duma tactical and to Ricardo from No Jack. It was a brilliant team effort.
Congratulations and well done!

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