Using existing CCTV camera

Many individuals already have CCTV cameras or security systems in place. The most commonly asked question is ” Do I have to buy completely new cameras?” The answer is simple. No, we can interface and integrate any existing cameras and alarm systems with our own. It does not have to be the newest and greatest. Our contractors will use what you have, so there is no worry about totally replacing all systems and wasting money. They will analyse any blindspots or miss looked point of entry and will upgrade the system accordingly.

Using contractors

We have our own dedicated team of contractors to install your CCTV and alarm systems. By installing all systems ourselves we can insure with the utmost confidence that all cameras are installed properly.Systems are not only up to our high-quality standards but also adhere to the SEMS standards. Our monitors maintain all our systems from Masina to Cape Town.

Armed response

We are not an armed response company. ROM is an installation and monitoring company. With clients all over the country we cannot patrol each one, instead, we link up with your existing armed response team or we find a reputable response company that patrol in your area. The advantage of this would be that when  we are monitoring your premises we can detect and pinpoint exactly where the threat is instead of the armed response searching for it. 



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