What is VOIP and how does it work?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is generally used to deter perpetrators for entering a secured area. 

Remote Off-Site Monitoring believe prevention is better than cure. When a perpetrator comes close to the building an alarm is triggered and an operator in the control room will come over the VOIP system and let them know they are being watched and this serves as a verbal warning. This normally deters the threat and they runoff. If they continue to advance to the building armed response is dispatched and the owner is notified that there is an unauthorised body on the premises.

 ” He hasn’t even entered the site and  we have already  detected him”

This also works if there are levels of security access and someone who does not have clearance enters a zone in which they should not be. A controller will then remind them that they are not allowed in that area and they should return to their section of clearance.

VOIP is not only used for access control and perpetrator deterrence. It can also be used as an added safety check. A construction site for example. If a worker is not wearing a hard hat or safety protocol is not being followed they will be reminded from our control rooms.

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