Over the past week, the Coronavirus went from a rumour to a worldwide pandemic. With more and more cases being know each day. South Africa is one of the few countries that have not had a shut down or a pandemic on this scale.  So when president Cyril Ramaphosa issued an early shut down of schools, we were left in quite a panic. Many citizens have now been asked to take extra caution in their commute to and from work, whereas others have been asked to stay at home all together whilst still working. That means most people who have no access to computers and internet will now be subsidised by the company or given work equipment to complete their office work from home. There are a few problems that arise in these situations but the most important one seems to be security. 

“…but now working from home anyone can walk in off the street and steal private and confidential documents…” 

In most office and business parks there is a security officer with access control to the premises allowing only authorised personal into the building, but now working from home anyone can walk in off the street and steal private and confidential documents from your home with out any precautions or road blocks to stop them, and  with no security at the gates the criminals can easily get away. 

Here at Remote Off-Site Monitoring we would like to help ease your anxiety about working from home. With our latest security systems you can ensure that both your work and personal belongings are safe. Remote Off-Site Monitoring offers alarms, VOIP service, real time monitoring as well as facial recognition. When someone enters your property they will be picked up by the CCTV cameras that are activated around your property. If it is someone that looks suspicious or who is not registered as a frequent occupant, a VOIP alert will be activated where they will be asked to leave. Armed response will also be notified that there is suspicious behaviour on your property and they will be called out. Your CCTV footage is recorded and stored off site and is kept in the data files for 5 years. If need be we extract the data and use it on your behalf in a court of law. 

If you are doing your part to help this nation fight the coronavirus, let us at Remote Off-Site Monitoring look after you to ensure we as a country can stand united together again. 


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